Proper fertilization is essential to your lawns health and overall aesthetics.  At Mow Town we use a multi-sourced fertilizer that features slow release technology, along with essential micronutrients.  As the seasons change so does your lawns nutrient needs.  With this in mind, we continually adjust our fertilization program to account for weather, soil type, and time of the year.  When combing this customized fertilizer program with our superior weed control products, you can be confident that Mow Town will get the most out of your turf. Call today to set-up your personalized fertilization program. To achieve the best results, we recommend the following fertilization and weed control program, but can also customize a solution to best suit your needs.

Early Spring

Our first visit places a balanced fertilizer designed to replenish depleted nutrients from winter stress. Also, pre-emergent crabgrass control is applied to prevent crabgrass from germinating later in the year.

Spring / Early Summer

A fertilizer designed to improve color and enhance plant development and growth. Also, we will apply broadleaf weed control to treat emerging weeds and apply a pre-emergent crabgrass control if none was applied in an earlier treatment.


A slow release, non-burning granular fertilizer is used to maintain color and density. Our technicians also spot treat weeds, including crabgrass, during this visit.

Late Summer / Early Fall

This application will help thicken lawn and encourage new root growth following the stress of summer. Broadleaf weed control is also included to treat any weeds.


Fertilizer applied to promote root growth and nutrient storage for proper winter survival of your lawn.