Arguably the most destructive turf insect in Northeast Wisconsin is the white grub.   White Grubs are the larvae of a variety of beetles and can be identified by their white, c-shaped bodies.  Grubs feed on the roots of the grass and cause irregular brown patches of turf.  These damaged turf areas will easily roll back and often will be the site of digging by skunks, raccoons, and birds looking for an easy meal.  Grub prevention is vital for protecting lawns throughout the Green Bay and Fox Cities area.

Mow Town’s Total Insect Control features a grub preventative for all turf areas, and is applied during the spring or summer to address grub activity before extensive turf damage occurs. The great benefit of our Total Insect Control is if any isolated areas of turf do become infested we apply an additional curative insecticide at no charge.  Besides grubs, our Total Insect Control will also address surface feeding insects if they become a problem (chinch bugs, sod webworms, etc…).  Most other companies will charge separately for grub control and surface feeding insect control, not at Mow Town, we guarantee both with our Total Insect Control.  Call today to schedule your Total Insect Control.